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Tomato Blues
(performance in English)

Moi, a curious quirky character,
encounters an entrapped tomato;
together, they embark on a liberating dialogue.

and a chair
come together to portray
the vicious circles in the life
of a heroic tomato…

Dance/musical theatre performance

Choreography, props and text: Lina Cruz
Performer: Geneviève Robitaille
Music: Philippe Noireaut
Costume: Lina Cruz and Geneviève Robitaille
Length of performance: 27 minutes

15 min

Récital - Philippe Noireaut
(performance in French)

Fila 13's longtime collaborator, Noireaut delivers an eclectic recital full of surprises, including new and old songs of his, as well as poems and performances in the company of dancers Geneviève Robitaille (vocals, dance) and Antoine Turmine (dance and musical spoons).

The songs in this recital are by Philippe Noireaut, lyrics and music, except when otherwise indicated:

Au lecteur
Poem by Charles Baudelaire
Pauvre diable
Radeau médusé
Nuit des rues
L'effet et la cause
Poem by Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau
La dormeuse
L'amour et le crâne
Poem by Charles Baudelaire, music by Philippe Noireaut
La lune
Lyrics and music: Léo Ferré
Length of recital: 45 minutes

Bon spectacle!

AMORPHISMES, new album by Philippe Noireaut, is available online on most music platforms. Several songs of this new album are part of tonight's program in an adapted version.

The choreographies in the recital make allusion to some of Lina Cruz's recent creations.

The choreography developed for the poem Portrait by Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau is originally a work by Lina Cruz, guest choreographer for the show Perles of the company PPS Danse. Within the program of Perles, this solo is performed by David Rancourt, artistic director of PPS Danse. For more information on the show Perles:

Other credits
Choreographies in the recital, costumes: Lina Cruz
Soundtracks used in the recital: album AMORPHISMES by Philippe Noireaut
Technical direction, lightng: Scarlet Fountain
Sound: Matéo Caron






Photos (top to bottom/left to right):
Andrew Balfour, Cécé, Danielle Plourde, Alexandre Frenette,
Laurent Boutéraon, Maxime Daigle, Anne-Marie Baribeau

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Acknowledgements and special thanks:
In 2003, at its inception, Fila 13 received an important donation, giving the company wings for a smooth first flight. We will be forever grateful to these donors who wish to remain anonymous (we like to think of them as the "Dream Factory"). Their spontaneous generosity was so ever vital to Fila 13!

We salute Hugo Valencia, thanking him for his solidarity and support as a member of our Board of Directors since the company's inception, thank you for these past 20 years!

Many thanks to Pablo Keselman for his support, expressed in countless ways, and to Laurent Boutéraon for his photographic collaboration to several projects of Lina Cruz/Fila 13.

We thank our audiences, friends, Le Cercle d'amis de Fila 13, colleagues and presenters who have accompanied us along the years.

A very special thank you to Francine Bernier and Agora de la danse who have presented and supported our work since Fila 13's beginnings, trusting the company's projects, always warmly welcoming us and giving us absolute artistic freedom: an immeasurable support!

We also thank the support, generosity, enthusiasm and kindness of Luce Botella, Luk Côté, Monique Garneau, Joanne Germain, Mylène Robillard, Claude Morissette, Caroline Richard and the network of Montreal's Maisons de la culture as well as the very essential Dena Davida and Tangente. Thanks to them, Lina Cruz's work has been able to reach a great diversity of audiences since even before the company's existence.

Thank you to Lydia Wagerer, Elinor Fueter, Robert Langevin, Ariel Ifergan, Frédéric Salter as well as MainLine Theatre and its team.

We acknowledge and salute the various programs of the Canada Council for the Arts, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Le Conseil des arts de Montréal which make possible the blossoming of a highly inspiring and prolific artistic milieu.
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