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Class for professional dancers

Ballet training

Lina Cruz’s classes and coaching are sought out by professional dancers of diverse styles. She has been teaching at professional and pre-professional levels since 1983. In Montreal, she has frequently given workshops for the Regroupement québécois de la danse (local dancers’ association in Quebec), as well as for professional companies and schools with professional training programs. She has developed a progressive personal approach in ballet training which is clear, precise and seeks prompt results. Her class begins with a basic martial arts warm-up which sets the tone of the class. While mixing styles and lines of various influences, the training is focused on the strengths of the ballet technique. She is passionate about making ballet training fun, organic, dynamic and a useful tool for dance artists of all styles.

Class for non-professionals : available when touring

The class begins with a basic physical warm-up. While mixing movement styles and lines of various influences, the class then focuses on creative elements with which to compose simple, imaginative and fun phrasings of contemporary nature, accessible to any beginner or first timer. Most of these elements will come from the choreographer’s existing works. While aiming to challenge the participants, all the choreographic material is adapted to the participants’ abilities and include movement, gesture, use of props as well as theatrical and musical elements.

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