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Lina Cruz

“Stylized to the minimum gesture”, Montreal choreographer Lina Cruz explores imaginative choreographies and a detailed body language. Cruz conveys a surreal landscape in which her intriguing codes of expression and movement quality design on stage an appealing fusion of styles. Her dance is eloquent, characterized by an intricate articulation of the body, traveling sharply and fluidly through the body parts. With a background in classical ballet as much as in modern and contemporary styles, Cruz also takes interest in martial arts and various forms of stage expression. What she delivers is a versatile and theatrical dance, creating works with a very personal signature, considered different, inventive and always evolving on the margins of mainstream dance.

Founding the company
As an independent choreographer and before founding her company, Lina Cruz had been researching and defining her style and her interests through her creative works which she performed mostly herself, as solos. In the fall of 2000, the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, a Toronto music group directed by Jim Montgomery, commissioned her to choreograph two solos to be performed in concert with the musicians. This experience was a determining factor for Cruz's following creations which were, from then on, works with live music on stage. Sensitive to aesthetical coherence and theatrical values of a work, the choreographer began applying simple ways of integrating musicians not only as performers of music but as artistic and visual elements to be used in her following creations.

In 2003 she founded her company, Fila 13 Productions. Since, she continues to explore and develop her choreographic style, working now as much in solos as in group pieces. In her approach, Lina Cruz intends to further explore the integration of musicians on stage. Within these premises, she creates the company’s work.

Parallel to her work with the company, Lina Cruz frequently engages herself in other interesting projects leading her to explore new creative formulas, such as, working in collaboration with theatre and opera productions, including productions with the Atelier Lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal and Chants Libres, contemporary opera company directed by Pauline Vaillancourt. Through these projects, Cruz further nourishes her interest in actively integrating music/voice to movement.

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