Lina Cruz - Fila 13 Productions



Three Turtles in the Park  (2022)
Length of piece : 12 minutes

Choreography: Lina Cruz
Dancers: Yuichiro Inoue, Jason Martin Antoine Turmine
Music: Philippe Noireaut
Costumes, props: Lina Cruz, assisted by Cheryl Lalonde

Photos: John Lauener

This work premiered at Dusk Dances 2022

Coproduction: Fila 13 and Dusk Dances


About Cruz's previous works:

          Morphs - "(...) The unconscious, joyfully unveiled, is carried with versatile sensibility. It is an insatiable spotlight focused on the most colorful and vigorous of imaginations."

          Tic-Tac Party - "Lina Cruz's dance vocabulary is decidedly audacious and offers unique findings, as amidst a madness in which her surreal imagination is playfully complicit (...)

Translation of excerpts of reviews by Guylaine Massoutre,
Spirale Magazine, October 2021 and Revue de Théâtre JEU, March, 2017

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Three Turtles in the Park

With a tender dysfunctional love for nature
and highly addicted to plastic, these
conspicuous turtles roam parks, springing
out of bushes, sarcastically celebrating
their increasingly plastified dwellings.